A sign?

Last week I was checking the balance in my 403(b) retirement plan. The wheels got to turning and I had the realization that I could cash it out and buy a series 1 Jaguar XKE.

It turns out, just a few hours after I had this epiphany, my employer mailed me a certified letter notifying me that they are terminating the plan. My options are:
a) Roll it over into an IRA or
b) Cash it out (and buy an XKE, clearly)

It’s like some sort of cosmic double-dog dare.

So… British Racing Green?

Speaking of Bunnies…

The other day I was perusing the Rural King website, my curiosity having gotten the better of me after a friend told me they sold baby chickens and turkeys there. Apparently they also sell “Bunny Rabbits” — with this “disclaimer”:
“Bunny Rabbits are only to be used as livestock.”

So don’t you even think of trying to make pets of them, or using them for some sort of twisted egg-delivery service.

ASUS TF300 Charger Magic

So here’s something. I realize that no one really cares, but I’m posting this as a public service to some intrepid internet traveler facing the same problem.

Yesterday I discovered that the charger for my ASUS tablet had suddenly quit working. It’s a typical liitle black block with a USB outlet, but when connected to the tablet (or its dock) it puts out 15V @ 1.2A (as opposed to the USB spec of 5V @ 500-900mA). I have all sorts of USB power adapters, but none that put out the voltage/current the tablet requires.

Soo… panic-stricken, I go online and order a replacement. A bit of Googling reveals that this is a fairly common issue which a number of people claim has a novel solution: Put the charger in the freezer. This supposedly resets some sort of thermal-overload breaker, returning the charger to working condition. (The charger in question is for the SL101 Series, TF101 Series, TF201 Series, TF300 Series, TF700 Series, and their docks.)

Dubious, but having nothing to lose, I put the charger in a Ziploc bag and place it in the freezer. Much to my surprise and delight…
It worked! Thanks interwebs!

Bonavita Variable Temperature Digital Electric Kettle

Man, I love my Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle!

It’s fast, it’s consistent (temperature-wise), it’s just a joy to use.
If you brew coffee via pour-over, french press, AeroPress, etcetera; or tea that requires less than boiling-hot water, you should really consider one of these. It’s programmable from 140 F up to boiling, it will display the temp in either Fahrenheit or Celcius, the gooseneck spout gives you a nice, controllable pour, and it will hold whatever temp you set for up to an hour.

I love mine so much that I take it and my AeroPress along when I travel.

Coffee making gear, hotel room

The Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle definitely earns “Crazy Greg’s Seal of Approval”.

Crazy Greg's Seal of Approval