Devo Part 2


I was saying how my cd player would only play ‘Devo’s Greatest Hits’ due to a case of demonic possession. Not being equipped or qualified to perform an exorcism I had to buy a new cd player.

Today I did the “order online pick up in the store” deal with BestBuy. I’m standing at the customer service counter waiting for the computer (another of Satan’s minions) to do what ever it needed to do to complete my transaction. In front of me, back behind the counter, there’s a shelf with a cabinet below it. Apparently this is for items in for service, returns, damaged or defective merchandise… something like that. On the shelf there are two labels. One reads; “DEVO”, the other; “DEVO LOCK UP”.

I didn’t ask what this supposedly means, I know what it means. Devo, the Devil, and BestBuy are in cahoots!

Looking back, it seems so obvious, I should have known it all along.