Ah, the healing powers of the bicycle

All week I’ve been feeling down. No energy, just blah. Then it dawned on me, the reason for this was, I hadn’t ridden my bike since I rode home from work Monday morning. (I work 3rd shift and my schedule is such that from 9PM Friday til 9AM Monday, I get 40 hours in).

Tuesday it was quite warm (60-ish) but the wind was also gusting to 55mph, not a good day for a ride. Been there, done that, it’s really no fun. Riding with a 50mph wind is a blast, but riding across it or into it really, really bites.

Fast forward to 1:30 Friday morning. It’s 45(F) and damp… fog bordering on misty drizzle (which I really enjoy riding in… makes the lungs happy). I layer on the appropriate garments, put the headlight on the fixed gear (my 2004 Bianchi Pista…. oh how I love that bike) and off we go. Riding a fixed gear in the dead of night with just enough fog to add mystery to the landscape is like magic. There’s nothing but you, the bike, and the road and the three of you are inextricably linked. Magic, pure and simple.

While I was out I saw two animals. The first was either a black and white kitty, or a skunk, I didn’t slow down for a better look. The second was a bunny who enjoyed pacing me at about 20mph for around 50 yards (as they so often seem to).

45 minutes later I was home feeling better than I have all week, and wondering why I didn’t do it sooner.