Things people say without thinking

So, I’m soldering up this wiring harness for a new car stereo. Everything is going fairly well, when suddenly I run into a roadblock. I’m color-blind and could not distinguish the ‘gray’ and ‘gray/black’ pair of wires from the ‘green’ and ‘green/black’ pair on one of the harnesses. I scrutinized and squinted, I tried looking at them under a variety of light sources, all to no avail. Finally I go knock on my neighbor’s door, wiring harnesses in hand, explain my predicament, and ask which wires are which. She says to me “Are you really color-blind?” then points out the green and the gray wires for me.

Am I really color-blind? Why in God’s name would I make that up? When this topic comes up (which is infrequently, I try to keep it to myself) people invariably either:

A) Ask if I’m really color-blind.
B) Argue with me about it (“Oh, you are not!”)

I’m just thankful that my neighbor didn’t want to:

C) Play the “what color is this?” game.

That one really annoys the piss out of me.

2 thoughts on “Things people say without thinking

  1. Oh, that’s funny, Danny. You should really consider taking your fabulous comedy routine on the road.
    You better be nice to me or I’ll say hateful things about your car!

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