Pleasant Mailbox Surprize

Yes, I know the accepted “American” spelling is “surprise”, I just like the Euro-Zed version better. (Hey! If I ever start a band, maybe we can call ourselves “Euro Zed and the Parenthesis”).

Anyway… As I’m toting my chrome Bianchi Pista (oh, how I love that bike!) out for a ride, I pause to check the mail. There’s an envelope from Hitachi containing something fairly dense and round… it’s roughly the same size and heft as my round 24 CD case, about half full of CD’s.

Hmm… I do vaguely recall visiting their website when they announced their new perpendicular recording hard drive technology, but what could this be? Closer inspection revealed that it was evidently a T-shirt, compressed into a shrink wrapped bisquit. Satisfied with this explanation, I went out and had a lovely ride.

Upon returning home, I open the mysterious plastic encased jumbo cloth hockey puck and sure enough it’s a T-shirt. Then I find the note, hiding in the envelope that says (in part).

Congratulations! Your name was selected during our random drawing to win one of 230 “Get Perpendicular!” t-shirts being given away to celebrate Hitachi’s technology achievement of 230 gigabits per square inch areal density using perpendicular magnetic recording!

So, this cements it. I am, in fact, a geek. It also makes me think that perhaps this might be a good week to invest in my “retirement plan”. If the wrinkles ever come out (which may take some doing, these are unlike any wrinkles I’ve ever seen) I can wear my new “lucky” shirt when I go to the “investment office.”