Late Night Ride Report

So, last night around 2AM I headed out for a ride. It was much cooler than it has been, actually necessitating tights and armwarmers.

As always everything is very serene and quiet, especially out in the country. I come to a stop sign and there’s a car approaching from my left (the direction I’ll be turning). I decide to wait for him to pass, despite there being plenty of time for me to go. He briefly flashes a searchlight in my direction, (it’s a county cop) then pulls along side to speak to me. He asks if I’ve seen a couple of guys on dirtbikes (which I took to mean motorcycles).

“Nope, sure haven’t.”
“Well we’ve had a report of a couple of dirtbikes flying up and down this road, I don’t know if they have lights or not, so be careful and watch out.”

And we went our seperate directions. As I’m riding away, something dawns on me; if there had been dirtbikes (or any other vehicles, for that matter) “flying up and down that road” at any time during the last 30 minutes, I would surely have heard them. Remember, these are quiet country roads, you can hear a motorcycle or a loud car miles away. This pointed to only three conclusions that I could think of.

A) The ‘dirtbikes’ were a fabrication, a mere pretense to speak to me and see what I was up to.
B) Some dimwit called the police because I was terrorizing the area, gliding along silently on my fixed gear (if I were up to something, would I be so well illuminated?)
C) There were actual dirtbikes, but it took the Sheriff’s Department so long to respond that they were long gone by the time he arrived.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, I saw/said hello to:
1 Deer (who ambled across the road ahead of me)
1 Bunny (who dashed across the road ahead of me)
1 Raccoon (bumbling along the edge of the road)
1 Cat (sitting at the edge of the road, watching, disinterested, as I passed)
Assorted cows and horses (going about their cow and horse business)
1 Sheriff’s Deputy (the only one who actually spoke back to me)