Mouse Update (Human–1: Cat–0)

So, the dark chocolate did the trick; without going into the gruesome details, it appeared that the trap functioned as humanely as possible.

The cat watched with feigned disinterest as I removed the carcass. She was strangely silent when I confronted her with this query:

I’m the person and you’re the cat, yet I’m the one who caught the mouse. What the Hell am I paying you for?

I bet she’d catch a mouse if it was running around carrying a damned ink pen! Of course, she’d probably just take his pen away and send him on his way.

The bad thing is, I don’t know if Mr. Mouse was here alone doing reconaissance or if he was just a part of a larger invasion force. Naturally, the cat has nothing to say about that either… damned worthless animal!

2 thoughts on “Mouse Update (Human–1: Cat–0)

  1. Don’t worry. I suppose the cat and the mouse had originally come to some sort of agreement previously which led to the suspension of the cat’s hunting prowess.

  2. That’s exactly what I am worried about, ellora. Some sort of unholy feline/rodent alliance… it could be a coup in the making!

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