Rural living

There are some (to me) interesting facets to living in the so-called Midwest (I say so-called because the moniker hasn’t really made sense for a hundred years or so, but anyway, I digress). One is advertisements for Tractor Supply Company on television. Another is the plethora of festivals and fairs… in this area we have:

Of course every county has its own fair, too, which brings us (finally!) to the point of this missive. Small county fairs are actually pretty interesting… a good opportunity to see all sorts of interesting livestock (and people) that you normally wouldn’t… and to eat all that good fair food, that you know you shouldn’t.

Anyway… the other day the “Green County Shopper” was waiting in my mailbox. Publications of this sort (every community seems to have one) provide a wonderful window into said communities. On the cover there’s an ad for The Warren County Fair, which will feature (among other things) Wambold’s Circus!

What’s so special about that, you ask? THIS!

Dr. Happy LaClair
& “Blaze”
World Famous
Balloon Blowing/Talking Goat

I’d pay the $6 admission just to see that!

One thought on “Rural living

  1. You may think that Dr. Happy LaClair and Blaze the balloon blowing goat are a fraud. But this so-called “fraud” has entertained millions,in person, all across the USA, Canada and Australia for 26 years and is still highly in demand. He has also appeared numerous times on TV. You are just jealous because you didn’t think of the idea yourself!

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