The Problem With Detachable Cyclocomputers

Really I suppose it’s the problem with any sort of small gadget, gizmo, or doodad; they’re easy to misplace.

I’ve been meaning to take my ‘geared’ bike out for a spin. Since I got the fixed gear (11 months ago!?!), it’s the only bike I’ve ridden.

So, today upon getting home from work I decided it would be a good idea to locate the Fuji’s computer. I thought I knew exactly where it was, but of course, I was wrong. I looked everywhere I could remember ever having put it. I looked and looked and looked some more. Finally, after about an hour of tearing the house apart looking for it, I gave up, for the time being.

Within a few minutes of this concession, it hit me. I dashed into the living room and sure enough, there it was, sitting on the bottom edge of my music stand (I’m not sure why) concealed by various sheet music and such.

The good news, aside from the fact that I don’t have to buy a new bike computer:

The kitty enjoyed the whole process immensely. In addition to getting to play “smack the noggin” while I looked under the couch and such, “we” found a bunch of her toys which had been missing; great big fun.

One thought on “The Problem With Detachable Cyclocomputers

  1. Came in through I enjoy your posts. I also dig your photography, particularly the covered bridge out near Yellow Springs.

    I was stoked to see a bike blog from Ohio, particulary Xenia. I grew up in a house on West Third. It is a small world after all.

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