More On (moron?) Western Digital

So, the other day I was blogging about my satisfaction with WD’s customer service, right? Well, as Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story.

They shipped the replacement via UPS second day air, it arrived on time and I happily prepared to install the new drive. One little problem, though. They had shipped me the wrong drive! This was immediately apparent, the replacement drive was a WD1600JB (EIDE interface); the drive it was replacing was a WD1600JS (SATA-II interface). After a bit of handwringing and grumbling, I called their customer service folks to inform them of the error. The girl I spoke with had a peculiar cadence and lilt to her voice that I found very difficult to understand (though nothing like the poor stuttering engineer from ATI I got tech support from a few years ago!), so I hung up not exactly sure what she had said, other than that they would email me a return shipping label and another drive would be on its way. A couple of days passed, no packages arrived, and the RMA information page on their website was still only showing the original shipment, so I called again. Amazingly, this time I got the same technician I had spoken with the first time, Grant. He seemed as mystified as I was that the drive hadn’t been shipped yet, made sure I had gotten the return shipping label, and assured me that the correct drive would be on its way immediately. It was, it arrived promptly 2 business days after finally being shipped, and so far it’s working just fine.

So, Western Digital has been downgraded from an enthusiastic “Crazy Greg’s Seal of Approval” to a qualified “CGSOA”.

And now you know the rest of the story.