New Bike Bug

So, the new bike bug has been biting and I became enamored of the Jamis Sputnik. Fixed gear, Reynolds 631 steel, Easton Carbon fork and 16.5 pounds!

But, I think I’ve decided to just invest in some really nice handbuilt wheels for the Bianchi, instead.

So, here’s what I’m thinking:

  • The gorgeous (and criminally; discontinued) Shimano Dura-Ace 7600 High-flange hubs, 28 hole
  • or, if I can’t find the DA’s without shelling out an arm a leg, Suzue Promax High-flange hubs
  • DT Swiss Revolution spokes, laced 2 cross (with black nipples)
  • Velocity Aerohead rims, silver

This will be cheaper than buying the Jamis and will keep me from having to take my business someplace other than I-Pro. Plus, in addition to essentially doubling the value of the Pista, the new wheels will, of course, be right at home on the new fixed-gear when (not if) it arrives (that Jamis would be well under 16 pounds with these wheels!)

4 thoughts on “New Bike Bug

  1. Hey Todd,
    I checked those out when you posted about them on your blog a couple of weeks ago. Just one problem, though; it appears that they only make those new-fangled, sissified multiple gear type wheels. I’m after wheels for the fixie! I suppose I could get a Neuvation front, but I’ve pretty much got my heart set on the high-flange DA hubs (did you see the pic? They’re lovely things!)

  2. Yep, they really are, aren’t they Todd? And… in a little over a week the Bianchi’s going to be rocking new wheels with those hubs!

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