New Wheels

For those of you wondering about my new wheels, allow me to update you. I picked them up last Monday. Unfortunately, over the weekend I also picked up a flu-bug (or something). I spent the week feeling crummy (to put it very mildly), went to the doctor Thursday, got antibiotics (for the bonus sinus infection, yeehaw!) and cough syrup, then spent this weekend feeling even worse.

So, anyway… I’ve now had the wheels for a week and I’m only just now feeling up to so much as mounting tires on them, nevermind the test-ride.

Here’s a photo of the new front wheel being protected by my ever-vigilant guard-cat.

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2 thoughts on “New Wheels

  1. I think you’ve had time enough to put some miles on those wheels, right? How about some of ’em on the bike?

    BTW, saw an article in the DDN about the Dayton Cycling Club’s commuter challenge. So at the DCC site I was looking though some of the logs from years past to see if recognize any names and behold the Greg of Evans appears in 04 and 03. Commute away, dude!

  2. Aye Jon, I have indeed put some miles on the new wheels. They rock! The Bianchi (almost) feels like a new bike.
    ’01 was my best commuting year, 2156 miles… lately I’ve really slacked off. Firstly I got a car I really like to drive (’96 Nissan Maxima), plus it has a CD player. Secondly, I like to take my mandolin to work, which isn’t really practical by bike. And thirdly, I’ve just gotten old and lazy!

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