Thankfully, the foreboding forecast was a bit off, we only got an inch or two, it scarcely stuck to the roads and sidewalks at all, and it had all melted by Wednesday.

For those commentators (Hi Jon, hi Fishy!!) and others also battling the evil white scourge, let me remind you of my favorite snowy day marching riding cadence:

    I do not like it when it snows
    I do not like it no, no, no!

If that’s a bit too ‘Dr. Seuss’ and not enough ‘boot camp’ for you, you can also spice it up with curse-words. Sometimes I do!

2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. i think that snow is just a fad
    pop culture stuff that makes me mad
    it’s bad and sad I say! egad!
    egad! that winter’s such a cad!

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