Ahh… Summer!

So, today around 2:30 I took a quick ride to the Post Office; the plan being that when I returned I would eat, change into “bike clothes” then go for a real ride.

The eating and changing clothes part of the plan went real well, then came a big booming clap of thunder, followed almost immediately by torrential rain. This cast the going for a ride part of my plan into doubt.

Undeterred, I checked the various online weather radars at my disposal and estimated that the rain would be over in plenty of time to still get my ride in. Sure enough, the rain didn’t last long and by 6:30 the wind was doing a fine job of drying the roads out.

So, off I went. I’m not sure if it was because of the earlier downpour, the still threatening looking skies, or what, but traffic was surprizingly sparse. Another welcome touch was that the rain had brought the temperature way down. Riding to the Post Office earlier it was in the upper 80’s, after the rain it was a cool 67!

As is often the case, the storm had gotten the wildlife stirred up. I encountered a bunny, and a group of six Goldfinches paralleled my path for about 40 yards or so. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; any ride with Goldfinches is a good ride.

I had intended on going for a nice, leisurely spin, but the ominous, low-hanging, dark gray, foreboding clouds surrounding me on 3 sides added impetus to my pedaling and I got in a good fast ride instead, rushing to get home before the clouds changed their minds.

That’s the sort of “Summer Shower” that I don’t mind, although my opinion changes dramatically when I’m caught out in one of these passing downpours.