New Bike Update

As you may remember (click here for a refresher), I was planning (and saving) to buy a Bianchi Pista Concept frameset. I had basically made my mind up to wait until next Spring and then get an ’07. Then Providence intervened, the exhaust fell off of my car, and the repair bill wiped out my new bike savings, thus making the decision for me.

I just got a look at Bianchi’s 2007 lineup on their website, and boy, did I like what I saw! I’ve never been a huge fan of Bianchi’s trademark Celeste color, but the most recent pearlescent incarnation did grow on me, after a time, and I decided that the Pista Concept in Celeste was a pretty sweet-looking ride. That being said, I’m so glad I waited for this:

2007 Bianchi Pista Concept

‘Athena White’ with Celeste decals!
Plus, it appears from the picture that they’re going to stop putting the model year on the top-tube. That was the biggest gripe I had (and a major factor in my decision to wait, rather than get a 2006 model late in the year); I really hope the picture is representative of the actual production decals.

Looks like I already know where my Income Tax refund is going!

5 thoughts on “New Bike Update

  1. Never liked the chrome Pista?
    It’s chrome for cryin’ out loud! Chrome!

    I love my chrome Pista; I just want something lighter, but essentially the same. Thus the Pista Concept will be joining the stable. A person can’t have too many bikes, after all.

    PS: The chrome Pista has always spoken highly of you.

  2. Just to clarify; the ‘Pista’ is steel, comes in glorious chrome and Gawd-awful ‘Gang Green'(honestly! It’s like Celeste, but pukier.)

    The ‘Pista Concept’ shares the same geometry, but is double-butted 7005 aluminum (with a carbon fork).

    Also, anyone who doesn’t like a chrome bike could be some kind of a Communist. If not, certainly a “person of interest”.

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