Corpophagia in Toyland

Years and years (20?) ago, I found no small measure of humor in Mattel’s “Animal-loving Barbie” and “Animal-lovin’ Ken” (who, you may recall, came with “his own chimpanzee to care for and love”). So, imagine my delight/horror when I stumbled across this:

Here’s the description from the website where you can purchase this treasure:

Finally, Barbie has a dog that eats and makes a mess! Tanner the dog eats and ejects waste from his body. At this point, Barbie can pick it up in a scooper, and then Tanner will eat it again– just like your real dog!


They call it the “Barbie Doll and Tanner Scooper Dog Set”, but in the spirit of my last post, we all know the name should really be:

Poop scooping Barbie and Tanner, the shit-eating wonder-dog.

Wouldn’t you love to have been the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ at the meeting when the drug-addled lunatic brilliant toy-designer pitched that idea?

2 thoughts on “Corpophagia in Toyland

  1. I am of the opinion that the current crop of toy designers at Mattel are the children of Mattel’s toy most accomplished designers of the 1960/70s. Maybe they were cloned from kick ass toy designer DNA found in chunks of Amber in the bottom of some vault.

    This is a good thing on one level. When x-mas shopping this year, I came across more than one really fun toys from my childhood, to the delight of my kiddies on x-mas day.

    The difference is that yesteryear’s toy designers seemed to put some of those freaky toys on the market without a hint of irony (which is hard to believe in the case of animal loving Ken/Barbie). Goddamn it, you can’t buy a toy these days without it possessing some inside joke, pornographic feature or drug reference. Oh maybe that is just my fouled adult mind.

    Oh yes, Greg, I did come down with bike (now fixie) in tow and had a few good rides, but mostly just drank a lot of coffee. Rode for about four hours on New Year’s day. Got soaked by the monsoons. Grass was alarmingly green. Be back again at Easter. Oh yeah, I’m thinking of riding TOSRV.

  2. I’ll have to defer to your toy expertise, Jon; my toy shopping and little kid exposure are both pretty limited.

    Tell me about the fixie, is this a new bike or did you convert a bike you had? Details… photos… more information!!

    I’ve toyed with the idea of doing TOSRV or GOBA for years; I hate that I didn’t manage to do GOBA last year, when it started and finished right here in Xenia. Oh well, maybe this year.

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