I needed that

I’ve been feeling under the weather since about January 9th. Came down with a nasty sinus infection with a side order of (chest aching, burns like a furnace) bronchitis. Went to the doc, took the medicine and felt better, but I’m still not “well”.

Consequently, I haven’t ridden the bike, which has left me feeling even worse.

This afternoon I got a letter in the mail. It was a note from my nephew (he’s 10) thanking me for the remote control helicopter I got him for Christmas. He wrote:

Dear Greg,
Thank you so much for the remote control helicopter. I have had a lot of fun with it. In fact, I got it stuck on the roof. Don’t worry, we got it down. I had a crash and had to make a few repairs, but it’s ok. You are a really cool guy.


That absolutely made my day! I am a really cool guy!

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