Geese Update

Well, apparently the geese-chasing dogs actually arrived sometime last week. Looking back, I can’t recall the last day when I actually saw geese at the park. I’m a little bummed about the whole thing. Mainly because I don’t think I’ll ever actually get to see the dogs chase the geese, as I have a feeling this is primarily an early morning activity. Secondly, I’ll actually miss the geese. I really enjoyed hearing and seeing them arrive each morning, and depart each evening, locked in their precise formations.

I would really have no quarrel at all with the geese if they:

A) Weren’t so aggressively obnoxious.
B) Didn’t shit so damned much, everywhere! (2 pounds a day per goose!)
C) Hadn’t become year-round residents, rather than passing through twice a year during migration (like they’re supposed to!).

3 thoughts on “Geese Update

  1. Dear Greg!

    Feathered Vermin.

    Get out the hatchet and let’s crack open the goose recipes.

    That is all.

  2. Oh, don’t think the idea of “havesting” one (maybe with my car) for my culinary enjoyment hasn’t occured to me!

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