To Protect and to Serve?

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the events during the May Day Demonstrations in LA.
Everything I’ve seen points to LAPD shutting down what appeared to be a purely peaceful protest (in full riot gear, firing rubber bullets into the crowd). The amazing thing to me is that they (LAPD) didn’t manage to escalate the situation into a full-blown riot, Lord knows they tried. Oh sure, the party line is: “They’re there to prevent a riot.” That sounds good on the surface, but it sure seems to me that at least as many riots are instigated by the police as by those later labeled “rioters”.
Brad, over at the Brad Blog shot some good video, check it out.

Jesus! What sort of police state are we living in? How far do “they” have to push before We the People decide we’ve had enough and start pushing back?

Here’s another well written report of the events, from You’ll find plenty more about the events on their front page, as well.

Update 5/4: More from Boing Boing here.