Coasting? Multiple Gears? What a Concept!

Yesterday I decided to stop procrastinating and actually do something about taking my ‘geared’ bike out for a ride. Since I bought the Pista nearly 3 years ago, I’ve ridden nothing but fixed gears.

So last night I gave the Fuji a once-over, replaced the chain, aired up the tires, wiped the accumulated dust and cat hair from the gears and such; got it ready to ride.

As I started out on my ride today the first thing that struck me was how odd it felt being able to coast as I was taking off and clipping into the pedals. When my left pedal didn’t come around to meet my foot on its own, it felt like something was broken or disconnected. A very odd sensation.

My 99 Fuji Roubaix, enjoying a day on the road.

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The next thing I noticed was that I seem to be turning bigger gears than I used to, all other things being equal, and that I’m not shifting nearly as often.

Hitting some hills was when the difference was really driven home. I had forgotten just how much it feels like you’re flying as you coast downhill at ~40mph.

The Fuji will definitely not be sitting unridden for 3 years again. What a waste!