I Crack Myself Up Sometimes

Friday morning, returning from my 4am bike ride, I rode by the park. Apparently I awakened one of the white “park ducks” who proceeded to vocalize his displeasure. Bowing to the Dr. Doolittle side of my nature, I replied:

“Shut up, you. I’m not buying your damned insurance.”

I laughed at my own cleverness the rest of the way home.
I really am quite easily amused.

4 thoughts on “I Crack Myself Up Sometimes

  1. As always, that cracked me up too. I guess all the ducks haven’t been chased off by the patrol dogs.

  2. Thanks.

    The dogs are trained to only chase the Canada Geese, but the “wild” mallards were disturbed enough by the process that most of them have gone too, which is a shame.

    The “park ducks” didn’t seem too bothered by the dogs at all, nor were the newest addition, the swans. Of course, since “park ducks” apparently don’t fly very well (if at all), it’s not like they had much choice.

  3. Fishy,
    I didn’t say anything derogatory about your awful geese, this time. Although if you go here or here, I have had some less than flattering words about them (as you may recall).

    Also, I’m sure they’re quite tasty.

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