My Sentiments Exactly

I found this image at Mellow Velo.

You own a car, not the road

Click photo to embiggen

I wish someone made a bike jersey with that slogan emblazoned across the back. I’d buy one.

Postscript: KM over at Mellow Velo says he got the photo (he thought) from Drunk Cyclist. I contacted Big Jonny, but someone sent him the photo and he has no idea who owns it, either.

I’ll continue to attempt to solve this mystery. I hate not giving credit where credit is due.

5 thoughts on “My Sentiments Exactly

  1. Hey, hey Jon! Long time no see.

    That’s true, but no one needs to see me riding around shirtless. Besides, doing so would ruin the “farmer’s tan” I’ve worked so hard to get.

  2. Hey, Big Jonny, thanks. I think I’m closing in on it, I’m waiting to hear back from the author of this blog post.
    I wish the photographer’s info was in the EXIF info. I know when the photo was taken, what kind of camera was used, but not who took it.

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