Every Silver Lining Has a Touch of Gray

The other day I wrote about my excitement vis-à-vis my Cameo Mention in the Wahoo Gazette. As luck would have it, I now seem to have angered the Wahoo Gazetteer through no real fault of my own. Here’s what he had to say in today’s Wahoo:

So I give this “Greg Evans” guy a cameo mention the other day. I often see his name in the alt.fan.letterman newsgroup commenting on the show so I decided to give him a mention. This usually results in a cheap Wahoo Gazette plug in the discussion group. Unfortunately, it barely got a blip.

And then I find out that Greg Evans has a website. I checked it out. He spouts how proud he is to have received a cameo mention in the Wahoo Gazette. I was happy to read the shout out. I peruse some more. Down along the right side is a list entitled “Blogs and Such Which I Frequent.” It is a list of 50 blogs and websites Greg Evans likes to read. The Wahoo Gazette is not one of them. Can you believe it? Greg Evans claims to be a fan of David Letterman since his daytime show back in 1980, so how can he not frequent the Wahoo Gazette? It makes no sense. He mentions Dave Yoder’s Letterman website. He does not mention the Wahoo Gazette. Misdirected energy, I say.
And what hurts even more . . . . . Greg Evans writes about his Cameo Mention in the Wahoo Gazette . . . and it receives no comments from his readers . . . if he HAS any readers!
The Wahoo Cameo Committee is presently considering rescinding Mr. Evans’ Cameo Mention.

And here is a snippet of my response, as posted to AFL:

In all honesty, I tried quite some time ago to add a link to the Wahoo, but couldn’t figure out a way to link to it directly since the URL’s are dynamically generated. I did figure it out though.

I’ve added it to my links, I sure hope they don’t rescind
my Cameo Mention!

I can’t believe MikeMack went here:

Greg Evans writes about his Cameo Mention in the Wahoo Gazette . . . and it receives no comments from his readers . . . if he HAS any readers!

Sure I have readers! They’re called web-crawlers, bots and

Why must you build me up, only to tear me down, MikeMack, why?

4 thoughts on “Every Silver Lining Has a Touch of Gray

  1. Many readers, just none who leave comments. Just lurkers and deadbeats such as myself. Love the “Greg Evans”, as if it’s an alias.

    It’s not, is it?

  2. Thanks JW! I appreciate what you’re saying, but I see the raw server logs; “Many” might be overselling things a bit.

    And no, it’s not an alias, I think the quotation marks were just there to mock me further. I don’t know what happened, MikeMack used to be such a nice guy…

  3. Dear Greg,
    Do you give advice on this website, too? This is one of the best sites I’ve ever seen, and you’re obviously a wise person with a great sense of humor, but I really could use advice with various problems in my life. You could call yourself, “Dear Greg,” like Dear Abby. Just an idea.

    I hope I haven’t overlooked your advice column. Have I?


  4. Thank you Sally, you are obviously quite discerning and perceptive. While I like your idea of becoming an advisor to the masses, I see a couple of problems. First, I can barely handle my own problems and second I would seriously have to question the mental competence of anyone willing to accept any advice I might give. Trust me, I know me.

    That being said, here’s my advice to you: Discuss your problems with your local clergyman or bartender, that’s what they’re there for.

    Good luck and thanks for reading!

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