My New Catch Phrase

The other night I found myself watching ‘Jackie Brown’ on TV. As this was regular-ass (commercial) TV, all of the profanity was dubbed over, with predictably hilarious results. One scene in particular grabbed my attention. Briefly, Samuel L. Jackson’s character, ‘Ordell Robbie’ angrily says; “Oh, I know who my friends are, melon fever.”

He called the man “Melon fever“! I’m going to start using that!

“Hey, melon fever, watch where you’re going!”

“What are you honkin’ at, melon fever?”

It just has so many practical applications.

4 thoughts on “My New Catch Phrase

  1. My middle boy and I were watching Blade one night on TV. Not long after he commented that he didn’t think it deserved an “R” rating he noticed the characters said “freakin'” a lot. I pointed out that in the theater “freakin'” had been the “f” word. He then thought the “R” rating made some sense.

  2. Somehow this reminds me of the SNL sketch set on a TV kiddy show. Four characters came out representing characteristics like Friendship, Understanding, Cheerfulness, and Kindness, each wearing a big initial letter. The host realizes a potential problem, and goes to desperate lengths to prevent the four of them appearing side by side in the order specified here.

  3. That was a pretty funny skit, James. I can see how you would be put in mind of that, it almost had a Country Joe and the Fish thing going on. Who all was in that one? I’m thinking Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Victoria Jackson, David Spade, and Tim Meadows. Am I close? Anyone?

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