Dogbite, on my leg – Not right, supposed to beg

Went out for my first ‘real’ ride of the season today. You can probably guess what happened on my way back into town. Black chow comes charging down his driveway (where the owner was impotently standing by), with no wasted movement he makes straight for me and chomps down on my ankle. The owners were cool (though not nearly apologetic enough for my taste) and are saying they’ll cover my expenses. Wasted a lot of my evening talking to them, at the Urgent Care, and at Wal-Mart picking up the de rigueur antibiotics. Tomorrow I have to call animal control folks back and talk to them. Hopefully they will report back that the dog is, in fact, up on all of his shots. The owners said he was, but c’mon, what the hell else are they gonna say?

Got a couple of nasty punctures/gashes in the back of my calf, one with a chunk ripped out! First time I’ve been bitten, had to make it a good one, I guess.

And now, I think I’ll go listen to the Dead Kennedys’ song from which I purloined this post’s title.

7 thoughts on “Dogbite, on my leg – Not right, supposed to beg

  1. Grrrr. I hate dogs, sometimes. That’s why I always carry a FRAME style tire pump. You never see cats or geckos or birds (except for Canadian Geese) running after cyclists, do ya?

  2. @JW I guess you’re right, though I have had issues in the past with ducks and geckos trying to sell me insurance.

    And… I know it sounds cliché, but I don’t really blame the dog, it’s the owner’s fault.

  3. I was doing a yoga doggie pose, and when I lifted my head, dog nipped me on my nose. It didn’t hurt and I healed really fast! Seven days. Did yours hurt? and how long did it take to heal? Were you able to paddle your bike the next day?

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