How to get placed on a watch list

A few days ago I saw an article detailing how to make a stylus for an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and became enamored with the notion of making a stylus for my iPod out of titanium. Titanium tubing is, of course, rather expensive and you have to buy it at least a foot (or several) at a time. Despite this I pressed on, undeterred. Finally I found a really good price on 6mm OD Ti tubing on eBay. Not just any Ti tubing, this is “surplus Russian aerospace titanium tubing”! From a seller in Latvia, no less.

Shipping from Latvia will take at least 10 days, so it will be a while before I have photos of the finished product to post. That is, if “they” don’t come and haul my ass off in an unmarked van before then.

3 thoughts on “How to get placed on a watch list

  1. PayPal. A couple of years ago I made an eBay purchase from a seller in Russia (a variety of pins, buttons, and medals). The packaging turned out to be nearly as interesting as what I’d bought.

  2. /cont. from above/
    The pins and such were inside a couple of Russian cigarette boxes which were then wrapped in a plastic pouch which apparently (judging from the pictures on the label), at one time, held some sort of dried milk product. Of course all of it was covered in Cyrillic writing that meant nothing to me. Pretty neat, really.

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