My thoughts on the Paterno situation

Our values and priorities are so fucked up in this country. Penn State head coach Joe Paterno turns a blind eye to a former assistant coach who was (allegedly) molesting children and yet he is (apparently) being allowed to retire at the conclusion of the (all-important) football season.

Let’s look at this from another angle – imagine for a moment that instead of a football coach, we were talking about, let’s say, a History professor. Would he be allowed to retire at the end of the year knowing what he knew and having not notified the proper authorities? Hell no! They’d fire his ass like a cannon (and rightly so).

It’s morally repugnant when the Catholic church shelters child abusers and those who facilitate or ignore the abuse, and it’s just as disgusting when it’s done by Penn State University, or any other organization.

Paterno must go.

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