Amway Changed My Life

But not in a way you might think.

Years ago a friend from high-school that I hadn’t seen in years was back in town. He called me up, saying he had some sort of business proposition for me.
His evasiveness when I asked any questions and the fact that he insisted I should just attend his meeting or seminar or whatever set the warning bells to clanging.

He did drop off some cassette tapes for me to listen to. At one point, early in the tape, the narrator put forth the notion that I could be making money during the time that I spent fishing, phrasing it in such a way as to suggest that this time was somehow wasted. I was completely at odds with this supposition.

In my mind time spent working is time that would be better spent fishing. That was when I had a moment of clarity. In both the literal sense and metaphorically, I would rather be fishing. Having heard all I needed to hear, I stopped the tape at that point. When my friend called to ask me what I’d thought of the tapes and to again try to convince me to attend his seminar, I told him what I’d realized — That I’d rather be “fishing”.

Over the years I’ve found myself referring back to that moment; it’s become something of a touchstone. Recently at work there were some gaps in the schedule that needed coverage. I could have taken an extra shift (or several) and made some overtime. Of course I could use the money but I didn’t really need the money.
“I’d rather be ‘fishing’.” I told myself.

I just don’t understand people who work 2 or 3 jobs; work like it’s a competition or a compulsion. What’s the point of being so busy working for a living that there’s no time left for the actual “living” part of the equation?

I am thankful that people like that exist. They can do all the work that needs doing while the rest of us are “fishing”.