Traveling Coffee Kit

My on the go coffee kit consists of a hand grinder, digital thermometer, battery-powered milk frother and an AeroPress. I pack my beans (weighed in advance) in Ziploc bags. I’ve been wanting something a bit more elegant for the beans, but hadn’t found it. Until now, that is. I saw these “GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars” and thought they might be just what I’d been looking for. A bit of quick Googling turned up this “coffee converter” calculator (ain’t the internet grand) which told me that the 60cc size will hold 25.92 grams of coffee beans. Perfect for my application. Plus they sell them in a 3 pack, which is exactly how many I need (for daily use). I’ll report back once I get them and have used them for a while.

Thanks again, internet!